The Wanderlust of the West Coast McLeods

Over the last decade James and I have made an effort to go camping in the StarCraft trailer or Eyeore (our trusty 1988 LandCruiser), take a motorcycle trip/ride, or more recently backpack whenever we have the chance. One of the first trips we ever took was a camping trip in his old StarCraft pop-up tent trailer. This had seemed like a fine idea at the time except, it was January at Lawson’s Landing and there was a terrible storm and the roads in and out of town were flooded. Needless to say that first trip with him had me hooked!

With this platform, I’m hoping to create a sort of journal of the adventures we’ve gone on. I want to start out by writing and sharing pictures from some of the trips we’ve had in the past. Then, I am hoping to keep it somewhat up to date with more current adventures. This is a passion that we really enjoy and I am so excited to share some of our stories!