4 days in a box: Day 1 & 2

As a teacher, November and December are the two months leading up to a very needed and very welcomed 2 weeks off. With report cards, parent conferences, the full moon, a slight gust of wind, winter activities, and Elf on the Shelf CHRISTMAS BREAK is a special time of year. Since becoming a teacher 5 years ago, this time off has allowed us to create new memories and traditions that we hold dear and look forward to.

This year, the break came at the exact perfect time. We had been busy every weekend of November and December and I told my hubby, James, that we absolutely need to “get out the heck out of dodge”! Lucky for me, those few words are all the motivation that boy needs and he is off to plan something crazy and adventurous!

So, we left Friday evening and made it up to our site at the Tahoe Valley Campground. This was a perfect place to set up for the night and peace out from the next day. They had full hook-ups, which is like so amazing because that means city water hook-up, power, and we had propane (for the furnace and water heater)! The night was very chilly, but with the furnace on and plenty of blankets we were perfect. And Pepper had a super cozy “cave” under our dinette bed. Can’t let our girl get too cold! Another, PLUS PLUS PLUS was that they had a really great dog park on site and our little Pepper girl played so nicely with the dogs there. Unbelievably thankful!

Naturally, next to a Hot Spring.

We left Tahoe on Saturday morning on a mission to make it down to Mono Lake. So, off we went down Kingsbury Grade, past my old high school, and through the cutest town I’ve ever lived in, Gardnerville. As we cruised down Highway 395 we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful scenery. Then all of a sudden, James is whipping the truck and trailer around parking on the side of the road. Somehow, he had managed to spot a naturally occurring hots spring! Unfortunately, it’s *technically* on private property so we couldn’t get much closer. But it was still so cool!

Found Mono Lake!

It took a couple of hours to go from Tahoe to Mono Lake, but we were so excited to see the lake that we had to stop and take a picture at the vista spot! Which also, was super cool because the guard rail is covered with stickers from all over. I absolutely love seeing stuff like that!!

Mr. McLeod and I finally decided on a cute little spot next to the middle of nowhere. And let’s just say Pepper had the time of her life running around leash free in the snow! Saturday night we had some corn and potato chowder with garlic and herb bread, which was so yummy! Then, once the temperature was unbearably cold James went out and made a …FIRE! According to him, “No fire, not camping”.

That night I managed to work in a meditation session and James stayed up reading. In the morning, James was a new man!

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