4 days in a box: day 3

James got up on Sunday morning to take Pepperoni out in the freezing cold and when he came in the trailer and proclaimed, “I’m a morning person now!” To which I died laughing, because he’s totally not. But I loved his enthusiasm, the inspiration for which was the amazing sunrise. So, James and Pepper spent a good hour out taking pictures. And I was more than happy to stay in the cozy in the trailer.

When James and Pepper came back from taking pictures, my sweet mister made us some breakfast. Good ol’ eggs on toast with marmite, except we forgot the toaster. So we grabbed a metal spatula and put it over the flame on the stove, which sounds like it might be a bad idea but turned out awesome! While we ate, we talked about going to visit the Tufa’s at Mono, which sounded pretty cool. We just really enjoyed having a leisurely conversation looking at his pictures with a beautiful view, lukewarm food and scalding coffee.

James managed to find a cool hike before we got to the Tufa’s. There was this sign pointing to a dirt trail and it said “Crater Rim Hike”. We followed the road for a while, but then it started to get real rocky for the trailer and it was taking too long to get to the trailhead. So, we decided to unhook the trailer and leave it in a pull out area. James found a spot and after a few tries we got the trailer backed in and all unhooked. Then we jumped back in the truck and drove for a 30 whole seconds until we saw that we were already in the parking lot! LOL

Anyways, the trail around the rim of the crater was really cool and we thought we would have had a perfectly clear view of Mono Lake, but there was a super thick layer of fog over the lake. The fog was even covering part of the trail, so we were basically walking in the clouds.

Also, Pepper really loved being off her leash on this trail because she could smell all kinds of rabbits. But she ended up scaring herself barking at her own echo! James and I actually stood there yelling into the crater, just to hear our echo, which was so so fun!

From the hike, it was a quick 10 minute drive to The South Tufa at Mono Lake. And once we got there, we parked the truck with the trailer and went for a walk around the tufa’s.

Just in case you haven’t heard the word “Tufa” before, it’s the name of a formation of minerals left behind from an ancient spring that was once under water.

One thing that is awesome about having the trailer with us, is that after we went on the hike I could just go inside and make a couple of sandwiches and we could get out of the cold wind. And I didn’t have to use the public bathroom there!

After we had lunch we drove down to Mammoth Mountain to refill our water and propane tanks and empty the other stuff. The town was so cute! It had really neat big wooden signs with quotes from John Muir and lots of little shops. We are hoping to plan a camping trip out there this summer, because there are all sorts of trails to hike and lakes to swim in.

We had a hard time deciding where we were going to post up for the night, though because James wanted it to be perfect. He wanted us to have a beautiful sunrise to wake up to. So we drove back up towards Mono Lake, looking for trails that we could manage with the trailer. Then we remembered that there was a road we could camp off of right before the turn for the Tufa’s!

James and I made camp here for the last night of our trip. I got a hot shower and we had grilled cheese with split pea and ham soup. Had a few drinks and played a game, while Pepper slept on our bed. It was such a relaxing and happy day.

Happiness is pulling your house behind a truck.

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