4 days in a box: day 4

The fourth and final day of our trip was less adventurous than ones before, but no less fun. When we woke up on Monday, it was New Years Eve Day of 2018. We had a day of traveling in front of us, so we decided to have an easy morning. I made us some scalding coffee and oatmeal for breakfast and then I read a bit and so did James.

After dropping the trailer at so many different sites in the last few days, and even the last few years, we can get the trailer packed up and ready to go in about 30 minutes. So after we ate and napped I started packing up the inside of the trailer and James took care of the outside stuff. I really do love to have things organized and in their place, especially in the trailer. There really isn’t a whole lot of storage space in there, so you have to be very creative with where things go. On this trip we even went so far as to get some Command Hooks to hang our camel backs and jackets up.

Anyways, while I was tidying the inside of the trailer, it turns out that James and Pepper went on a little walk and found an old mining camp, complete with rusty old food cans!

On our way out of town we drove through Lee Vining and saw a sign that said something about an upside down cabin. Obviously we couldn’t pass up seeing an upside down cabin!

And after checking out the old farming equipment at the upside down cabin, we were ready to hit the road and head on home. We went home back the way we came through Gardnerville, up Kingsbury Grade, out of Lake Tahoe, and down to the first In ‘N’ Out we could find!

I was with my hubby and my puppy camping in our trailer, what could be better?

I am hopeful that ending 2018 with such a memorable trip, will lead our little tribe into have another adventurous year! Here’s to 2019!!

The West Coast McLeod’s

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